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Escorts In Little Rock, Arkansas

Julie Fox - Springdale Escorts

So I was at the bar last night watching the Canucks try to beat the Hawks and force game 7. The deal with my buddy is I would drive to in Springdale to watch the game but if the Nucks lost he had to pay the dinner/drink bill. If they won I would pay. Seemed like a great hedge to me although I REALLY wanted to pay!

So obviosuly they lose and we decide to hit the Den. Call them up and book our hour. On the way there I tell my buddy I want to call teh Den and have them put a Blackhawks jersey on the woman so I can hate fuck her :p

So Julie leads me to the room. I am wearing my jersey and she is in a REALLY good mood! Ask why and she tells me she is a Hawks fan and just finished watching the game and then came to work. I am killing myself laughing thinking why Karma gave me this treat!

Shower and massage and she is busting my balls the entire time about the Canucks. All in jest mind you and I am not the type of person to freak out about anything really. Besides she is way too cute to get pissed off at for this.

I never kiss and tell however I give her an 8 for looks. Girl next door cute. Great personality and attitude. Definately had a great time.

Body is nice. Really liked it acutally. Her posting of her measurements seems accurate. Solid body.

As I said service and attitude were top notch. Give her 8.5 to 9. Maybe a bit higher if she wasn't busting my balls about the game for so long! :cool: Offers DATY, digits, CBJ, LFK, mpos etc. Do not know about MSOG as I spent just one round and was pushing the clock on that. As always boys YMMV.

Would definately see her again but alas there are always so many at the Den. I have only been about half a dozen times and I don't think anyone I have seen in the past has ever been there when I went back! Good thing I am so adaptable to change :D

My friend saw the Japanese Suki Fox and had a smile on his face for the next two hours!!! Apparently she was fantastic as well.

Happy hunting.

Dr. CC

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Veronica CL 7984 - Hot Springs Escorts

Hey guys,

first review here so go easy on me. I actually saw veronica about a month a go but didn't get around to it till yet. So I was at the bank and all of a sudden got a craving for an SP and went on CL on my cell phone. Called up veronica and she sounded really nice and was good with directions. So i withdrew the donation of $.2 for half an hour since i was at the bank and headed to veronica. Her incall is close to in Hot Springs and I was greeted with a big hug at the door. She's very nice and has an awesome smile. I gave her the money and we were on our way. This was my second time going to an SP so i was super nervous but she was really nice about it. She's very safe (no funny business allowed down there), and it was CBJ. After the CBJ it was doggy then missionary and a few more positions. All in all it was really great. Only downside was I kinda wanted to go down on her and her boobs were just a tiny bit saggier then I expected, but it was all good.

Sorry if i left out any key information.

Repeat: Maybe, but I'm gonna look around some more.
Price: $.2
Looks: Very hot, type of girl you stare at in the mall when she walks by LOL
Service: Good, but i'm a noob so i dont know how much merit I have

Thanks for reading

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Kimmie is Sweet & So much Smore!!! - Texarkana Escorts

I had the great pleasure to visit with Sweet Kimmie last week. She's a paid advertiser here, so I'll also say you can find a lot of what you need to know on her web site - (

She has had a few very positive reviews, and she posts occasionally here on some of the forums. So, I knew I wasn't risking much in booking an hour with her for $300. She is very discreet on her web site, but in one of her posts she elaborated a bit more on services offered -

I can honestly vouch for all the services she mentions in her list, except for the MSOG - and that is totally due to me since MSOG is not very likely in a 1 hour session (Note to self - book a 2 hour session next time). She is a very passionate lover in every which way, and didn't waste too much time from the minute I got in the door. She is quite the sight to behold in her skimpy lingerie on her toned 5'9" body. With her 4-inch heels on we were seeing pretty well eye-to-eye :D

Kimmie is a great kisser and very cuddly, which really makes for an amazing GFE experience. I won't get into too many details, but I gotta say she does a helluva CBJ with great eye contact - it was difficult not to explode early!

For those who can't appreciate a CBJ, too bad! It's your loss if you don't see a girl like Kimmie (or a few others) just because they do CBJ's. It just leaves more time for the rest of us to enjoy them.

As far as ratings go, let's try this rather than just numbers:

Looks: Her pictures don't lie -

Service: As per her web site - and also her post I mentioned above ( All delivered with passion and gusto!

Attitude: No links to reference here. Just have to say, she is sweet, sensual, passionate and a helluva lot of fun:D

Till next time, Kimmie :)

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Jubilee Fox @ the Fox Den - North Little Rock Escorts

A couple of months ago, as I was leaving a room at the den after a session I spotted this gorgeous looking girl at the counter talking to the hostess. I couldnt see her face but from the back she looked really hot, long dark hair, young, nice tight body so I phoned back to find out who it was and they told me it had to be Jubilee Fox by the description. I didnt get a chance to see her however again until last week when the opportunity arose and this is what I experienced.

Very cute mainly East Indian girl with some middle eastern blood mix, piercing, beautiful eyes, sensual mouth with a fabulous set of teeth, around 5'5", long dark hair, with a gorgeous smile and a very friendly outgoing attitude.

Jubilee and I hit it off from the start, she talks, but not too much, its very easy to have a conversation with her so it was easy to make a connection. The service was excellent. Sometimes when GFE is advertised it doesnt really turn out that way but although the service was covered Jubilee is a great kisser, absolutely loves DATY, and is a very sensual and excellent lover. She provided me with one of my most intense ecstatic orgasms ever while wearing a took me a joyous couple of minutes to recover from the intensity.

Jubilee is just a regular type girl albiet an exotically beautiful one that you would pass on the street and never figure for an escort, a type of angelic girl next door type with no hard edge to her whatsoever.
Its always intriguing to find a girl like this in the business and I have no idea what brought her to the den but Im just glad that she is there and hopefully will remain so for quite a while.

It was my best session in the Den with someone other than my regular there for a long long time. A strong recommendation for those who would enjoy a safe girlfriend experience with a young exotic, beuatiful, fun and sensual young woman Little Rock-escorts-jubilee.htm

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Gigi on Fraser CL 2728 or 4588: explosive romp with a pro - North Little Rock Escorts

This morning, after doing errands in East Van, I find myself in a pooning mood. I fondly remember the reliably extensive menu of the crew at 49th & Fraser.

Rebecca & Fanny are of course gone. Only Winnie is heavily advertised, but her one review isn't too enticing:

So I call mamsan and ask if there's a different girl. She says, in her eager-to-please way, that Gigi has newly arrived from China.

About 15 min later, shortly after 11 AM, I’m at the door and call mamasan again. "Wait a few minutes," she says. Pretty soon Gigi arrives from somewhere nearby, unlocks the door and leads me upstairs. She cautions me not to talk in the hallway.

Gigi has the typical dainty features of a South China lady, with a certain extra wickedness. She's originally from Guizhou, I'd guess in her mid-30s, with her hair dyed dark reddish-brown—not someone to sweep me off my feet, but certainly not unpleasant-looking either.

The stereo is blaring in the apartment, but there's no one else there. I feel relaxed in familiar surroundings. The bed in Gigi's room is still in disarray from last night. She apologizes and tidies up. "No problem," I say. Our lips brush as we hug. Gigi strips to get ready for the shower.

I plug in my CD player, and bare-naked we warm up to each other with a bit of dancing and singing. Gigi's body is trim and toned, with enhanced but not over-large boobs. She makes no request for money, but I hand her the $.2 donation before we head for the shower.

She soaps and rinses me off, then the delights start—a little nipple-biting, a BBBJ and no-nonsense rimming. Back on the bed I just lie back and let her do her thing. She massages me with light teasing strokes before proceeding to the BBBJ. It's an absolute joy: a bit of BLS, piston-like mouth strokes while applying just the right suction, expert tongue flicks over the engorged glans. It's rare for someone's BJ to make Tantalizer ragingly hard like this.

We switch to DATY. I had already felt my way into her smooth-shaven kitty earlier and noticed plump, prominent labia. Now she responds to my tongue action with rhythmic, moan-accompanied movements and presses her moist, open slit hard against my chin. She also welcomes DIGITS and responds with signs of arousal.

I get a condom out of my bag, and she rolls it on with her mouth. Then I plow in. She feels naturally tight and also knows how to squeeze me with her Kegel muscles. She spreads her legs nimbly and puts them on my shoulders.

After a few minutes of mish we switch to piledriver. This works great with this agile lady and affords me an inviting view of her brown-eye which she readily lets me touch.

Next I motion her to go on top. We do a bit of LFK while she rides me. I let her exhaust herself in a frenzied ACG. Then I turn her over for doggie and lazy doggie. I rub her lovely starfish and ask if she does anal. “Yes,” she says (in Chinese), "but with you I don't know—it's big."

"Don't worry," I say. "We'll try next time." Experience has taught me this part of a lady's anatomy is amazingly stretchable if there’s the right will and rapport.

We switch back to mish. By this time we must have been trashing about for a good half hour, wildly yet unrushed. Throughout Gigi kept her cheery smile and made lots of eye contact. I do some of my dirtiest talking, and she talks back in Chinese, except for using "fuck" frequently.

I inquire, using gestures, if she's okay with CIM. She nods yes. Staying in mish until the verge of orgasm I give Tantalizer a few jerks over her open mouth. Even before I come she licks the engorged tip with her tongue. And, when my juice comes squirting, she engulfs Tantalizer deep with her mouth, applying suction, with no rush at all to let go. It's my decision to finally pull out. By far my best CIM, ever.

I locate a roll of toilet paper and give her a wad to spit into. Then we share a bottle of mouthwash from my pooner bag. Off for another quick shower together, after which we hop back onto the bed hugging and talking.

She asks my name which, I tell her, is “Mike.” She refuses to give me her exact age; she says men don’t like women over twenty. She compliments me on my singing, my Chinese, and Tantalizer. “Hen lihai,” she says—which means something like “pretty fierce.”

After about 5 min of cuddling we dress. I've no sense that she expects a tip; she certainly doesn't ask. I give her a well-deserved green, for which she thanks me with emphatic sincerity. Then we hug and kiss goodbye.

On the way to my car I phone mamasan to give her a brief report. “She nice girl?” mamasan asks. “Excellent,” I say. “Really good service.” Mamasan seems happy.

Gigi deserves my highest compliment as a pooner: the perfect slut who pretty much lets me do whatever I damn well please. I love that. I almost feel I've reached a new level of pooning. With a likable and cooperative provider like Gigi I can achieve lustful intensity that's rarely possible with a regular girlfriend with whom too much oxytocin kicks in.

L=7-8 (if you like the look of a dainty, mature southern Chinese lady)
A=10 (I rarely give 10s, but in this case, how could I not?)
S=9 Definitely worth an anally motivated repeat.

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Mya Dream - Private Muse - Texarkana Escorts

I met Mya in June after seeing her advertisement on a local website (not CL). I have to admit I broke my core rules of never seeing someone who hasn’t been well reviewed (this policy has never failed me) – she just looked so damn hot! She is an independent (another rule of mine) and insists on a phone call ahead of time – I loved her very cute voice and e-mail manner so the deal was sealed.

She did not have an incall location at the time so I reserved a room at one of Texarkana’s finer hotels. When she walked in and sat at the bar, I was stunned – she is a very classy beauty with a perfect smile! After a brief chat, she retired to the room to prepare – I followed her five minutes later. She was an erotic treat – she was wearing sophisticated but very revealing lingerie, had brought some candles and she smelled wonderful! She pays attention to detail and clearly enjoys being sensual and the pleasure of sex – I won’t give details but it was a safe GFE experience. I will say that she did talk dirty when we were fully engaged – very surprising but very hot. She is in her late 20’s I believe, but I happen to think that is the golden age for women – she is in great shape and delightful to look at clothed and unclothed. Most of all, she has a very sweet personality – I have the feeling she is quite new to this or re-entering after an absence of a few years.

If your taste is for women that you could easily bring into the board room or the finest restaurant and know that everyone will stare at a classic beauty and not think you are with an escort, Mya is for you. Unfortunately, her rates are at the higher end of the scale ($350/hour) so if maximizing services for money spent is your thing then she is probably not for you. It’s all on her website, which I don’t think I’m allowed to mention since I don’t think she is a paid advertiser here.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Joelle Fox - Wow - Little Rock Escorts

I had decided not to go with an agency during my overnight stay in Little Rock, but couldn't find a suitable Indy, so ended up calling Carman Fox to see who was available - Joelle was the only young, petite girl available, so I booked her for an outcall. The phone girl was pleasant and very helpful, and Joelle arrived on time. I wasn't disappointed. The photos are accurate. She has sweet girl-next-door looks with short blonde hair that looked good on her, soft smooth skin, and luscious B/C breasts. Her bio describes kissable lips, and no kidding! I had a wonderful time, we had a nice connection, and she offered a safe GFE (my preference) menu. Definitely into providing an A-1 experience, not a clock watcher, and I ended up shooing her out of my room because otherwise I might have kept her all night. Good thing that I don't live here, because she could become addictive.

Here's her link: Rock-escorts-joelle.htm

Highly recommended. Usual price of $$$. I'd also use Carman Fox again, next time I'm in town (although I can't figure out why there are so few reliable agencies in a city the size of Little Rock, when there are so many in Toronto and Montreal, even Calgary).


Click Here For Her Contact Info

Sweet Kimmie - in Hot Springs visit

Kimmie's a Hot Springs SP who posted an ad on in Hot Springs CL saying she was in in Hot Springs this past weekend only. I saw her in in Hot Springs, but I figured I'd post in the Hot Springs section as that's her home base.

The CL ad claimed a GFE experience and her web site pics and bio suggested a young mixed heritage Asian girl with a tight body. I couldn't find any reviews on any review sites, but I thought I'd finally TOFTT and earn my keep around here. :-)

I booked a 90 minute session for a $$$.2 donation. Kimmie was working out of a decent highrise condo just behind the parliament buildings, pretty discreet which suited me fine. She mentioned she works out of a private condo in Hot Springs as well, for those who prefer the independent experience over micros or MP/agency incall locations.

This was my first session where I hadn't been able to see a picture of the girl's face, so I was pretty nervous about her looks (I'm definitely a face/eyes guy, she's gotta be pretty for junior to play ball). Thankfully, I was very happy with the lovely girl who met me at the door. Kimmie is a tall girl, 5'9" at least and even taller in heels. She's very pretty and looks a bit like Lucy Liu with some cute freckles. She's not as tanned as in her web site pictures and mentioned she wasn't tanning as much as she used to. She had a tight body with firm B's and very soft skin.

She seemed a bit nervous for the first few minutes and I was as well, but once we started kissing things warmed up quickly. She has very soft, full, kissable lips and a very active tongue. Her site suggests YMMV for what services she'll offer her clients, but I was pretty happy that I had the full GFE experience. Definitely not PSE though, as I asked about COF and was gently turned down.

My favorite by far was DATY and digits - if you can find her g-spot, be prepared for a very wet Kimmie earthquake to occur! Kimmie told me she's also a student, and I found her to be a very intelligent young woman who provided interesting conversation while we recovered between rounds. She's definitely a trooper, and managed to pound out one final MSOG I didn't think I had in me with only a few minutes to spare in our time together.

All in all, I had a great time with Kimmie and would definitely repeat the next time I'm visiting Hot Springs. Once I get through the growing "to see" list I'm building, that is. So far, reading PERB reviews have provided me with a 3 for 4 record on excellent sessions. I'll try to find a TOFTT every once in a while to share so I can return the favor.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Review of Bentonville Perberts

I am pretty disappointed in the Bentonville edition of the ERB. Anyone who asks for info on the reviews forums is promptly scolded and prompted to post in 411. Ahhh... 411. All kinds of views and no replies for folks visiting, or other inquiries. first timers get replies, or people looking for info on CL, but how bout the time-challenged traveller? Just look at the number of threads in 411 that get no response at all. Its really obvious.

Edmonton, Toronto (Terb), and Montreal (Merb) are fantastic for welcoming visitors and helping to guide them through the maze of BS that you find in the reviews. From ymmv to shills to just too much damn selection, for someone that doesn't watch the forum regularly, it can be a maze to sort through when you want to find a sure fire winner when visiting for just a few days.

It seems to me you've got a great selection in town, its a shame there's so little support for travelling erbites. I'd bet that you perberts get a lot better reception on Terb and Merb than anyone does here. Shame, shame.

I have a recommendation... if the guys aren't going to help out the visitors, perhaps the well established ladies could help more. Guiding visitors based on their requests. I think you girls know who's who out there.

Based on the reviews, I found Jessicaxxx... and I was glad I did. But I had to really dig. Would be nice if there was more support on the 411.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Review – CL Mika …9483 - Fort Smith Escorts

CL Ad says Japanese Cutie Mika --- 21 100% real pic. with number ending in ...9483. She’s in in Fort Smith, near RPM, she’s pretty hot, but not Japanese, and not a real pic.

Guy on the phone says everything available except greek & CIM. She buzzed me in & opened the door without even hiding behind it – I guess she’s cute enough that she doesn’t have to.

Started with the donation & accompanied shower. She shares the apt. with a more mature Asian lady – not sure if she is a SP or not – don’t care either. On to the bedroom for some LFK and DATY – she’s not shaved, but not exactly a jungle down there either.

She didn’t care much for DATO and wouldn’t allow DFK (maybe I smoked too much?? we each had some Scope in the bathroom too). Maybe I’m just a little too old for her.

Anyway, she has a hot little body that I really loved – no more than 100lbs, nice small little ass & small little titties. Her small breasts made me feel like she was really young, much younger than the 21 stated on the ad. Her English is limited, but she was able to tell me her real age (22) which I believe.

Did some 69 with bbbj (nothing special about the bj - she got kinda tired after a few minutes), then CG, standing CG with me holding her up by her ass (not sure what position that’s called), and some doggie.

She just came here 3 days ago from Hong Kong. She is not Japanese, she speaks Cantonese. She says business has been slow so far.

Damage was $.2 for 45 minutes. I asked about 2 shots on goal & she wanted extra for that, but I only brought the exact amount with me.

Real pic? Guy on the phone said yes. I say no. Face & hair are really similar & I would say it’s her, but her tits are no more than an A cup.

Repeat? Not for me, the object of pooning is to try as many different chicks as possible, so it’s pretty rare that I repeat

L 8 pretty sexy, definite spinner
A 8 nice enough & accommodating, non rushed
S 7 no complaints, but needs some more experience perhaps

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Few reviews from May weekend - Little Rock Escorts

Was in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago around long weekend and had some time to visit a few ladies. Here is a quick summary:

Queenie (CL: 2085) - had originally planned to see Winkie but when got to in Little Rock location she was not there and saw Queenie instead. Overall was very good experience. Is also very friendly and can speak english quite well. She has also been well reviewed in the past. Services included dfk, bbbj which was quite good as well as multiple positions. Daty probably also available. L:8; S: 8; A: 8. $140/45 min.

Icy (CL: 9710) - is also well reviewed. A bit older then used to seeing (probably 40s) but definitely makes up for in service and attitude. Is particularly friendly and open minded. Session included dfk, 69, multiple positions and bbbj. Also gives a terrific massage - one of best I have ever received. Very good value for $. L:6; S: 10; A: 9. $100/45 + $20 tip. Probably visit again but perhaps duo with Gigi.

Barbie (CL: 4588) - works with Rebecca and Fanny who are well reviewed. Had visited Fanny before and had good experience. Originally called to see Rebecca but was unavailable so saw Barbie instead. She looked a bit younger than Fanny - would guess late 20s, early 30s. Seemed a bit shy and nervous as she had only just started a couple of days earlier. Also spoke little english so was hard to communicate. Is good looking - don't think pic is of her but is nice looking with good body. Service was also good which included rimming, bbbj and multiple positions. Daty and kissing probably also available but did not partake. L: 7; S: 8; A: 7. Not sure if will repeat - if go back probably will see Rebecca or Fanny again. Damage was $120/45.

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TOFTT: Natasa CL ending 0116 - West Memphis Escorts

Advertises on CL:
150/hr..100/hh.. **BB8J, Ms0g, 9reek, c.1.m, swa11ow, da+y ** - w4m - 19 (West Memphis)

I've been out of the loop for several years but recently felt the urge, damn you Perbers for the enticing reviews. However, all the years I've been pooning must be the worst experience ever!

Called up the above-noted as it appeared she offered a complete menu, confirmed that she offers bbbj and greek (extra $). Headed out there for a hh session. Pics are accurate, however she is taller than 5'7" as indicated in her ad, I believe she said 5'10" if I am not mistaken; native-spanish-? mix. When offering the donation I mentioned the extra for greek, she said sorry I no longer offer greek. WTF?! I inquired about it not more than 30 mins. ago. :(
Her enthusiasm was lackluster (and that is an understatement). She kept on saying she was tired, had four clients already and wanted to get to bed. At that point, my compass pointed south. She attempted to revive it with a hard handjob, made it worse. Throughout the session, she kept on letting out a sigh. I suggested perhaps some seductive posing but she claimed not to understand and looked very annoyed. I then decided to help myself to some touching of her breasts and ass, she stood there like a mannequin staring into space.

Long story short, after some handwork and cbj, there was enough to attempt mish. I closed my eyes and went at a piece of log until I finished.

L: 8 (pics are accurate)
S: 3
A: 2 (perhaps why the donation was only $.00)

Repeat: NO

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Hailey Brookes - Fayetteville Escorts

Well here is the first review of Hailey Brooks.

I emailed her to set up an appointment and she was quick to respond set a time for 10:45. She is down town very easy to find place, In a new building. I buzzed up and she let me in, Go up to her place knocked on the door and walked in and OMG here pictures are great on her web site but in person she is even more beautiful. I got a hug as I walked in and got asked if I wanted anything to drink but I declined so off to the shower I went. I got out of the shower and Hailey was sitting on the couch in the little black get up she is wearing on her web site then off to the bedroom we went. Started with some LFK/DFK and touching all over her lips are so soft and she is so nice to kiss that went on for about 15-20 min she worked her way down and on to the BBBJ she has skill started of with some BLS then she moved up the shaft flicking her tongue along the way. The BBBJ was very wet and she had good suction and she took it all in with lots of eye contact that went on for about 10 min then I blew I could not hold it back Hailey took my load in her mouth oh that was great. She got up and got me some tissue to clean up. I was ready to go again but we just ended up talking about all kinds of things then it was time to leave I got dressed got a hug and kiss at the door and out I went.

Hailey is such a sweet young sexy lady her body is so soft and with me she was really into it. Treat this girl right guys and she will treat you right.

S-8 (only got BBBJ with CIM and it was great going for F/S next time)
A-10 (she was so easy going and great to talk to)

Session was 1 hr.

Will I repeat um HELL YES

Once again thank you Hailey for a great time

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Leah Madison and Kandy Kiss duo - Hot Springs Escorts

What's better than Leah? Leah with some Kandy. These girls are polar opposites and that's what makes it hot.

I've already described Leah before so on with Kandy Kiss. One word, spinner. Well to be exact, a tad tall for a true spinner but Kate Moss body. Super cute and really sweet girl with nice straight white teeth. Glad to see these girls are meticulous with their appearance as they were both skanked out for this event. Hairs, nails, makeup, heels and outfit....fucken check!

When you put these 2 together magic happens. And I mean complete crazy bi energy.

Huge points for all the kissing going on between us. These girls really like each other and put on a really good show.

Once they get you all primed up and super horny. They will turn their attention to you. Basically everyone's mouth and hands are busy. You have one CBJ me while another jumps on my face for a ride.

Then they switch and you get some fresh pussy and ass to munch on. Finally one of them lowers themselves onto my cock, while the other is riding my face. These girls are then kissing each other while on top. The only shame is that the mirror beside the bed is not full length. A condom change takes place before the girls switch positions.

Greek with Leah is a wonderful reminisce. When you are fucking Kandy she'll be eating out or kissing with Leah. And when you are fucking Leah, vice versa. Nothing beats some live porn! Also, both girls have the porn track going which is music to my ears. While fucking Kandy and kissing Leah, Leah eased her finger into Kandy's ass. Wow, too tight and there goes load numero uno.

We clean up, have a little wine. Both girls relax me with a quick sensual massage and I'm ready to go for round 2. This consists of non stop contortionist action with some toys thrown in. For the grand finale I blow a nice big load in Leah's sweet ass.

Looks. Kandy, face 9.5 Cute with lots of sex appeal. I just can't resist a naughty teen. Body 12. I just love her little titties. She's thinking of implants but I think her body's perfect the way it is. If she wants to do some mods, just get a belly or better yet tongue ring! (sexy and functional)
Service. 9. Everyone is busy. Leah is a master director, you can tell this ain't her first rodeo. She even takes care of your well being by telling Kandy to be careful with those killer heels when we're changing positions.
Attitude 10. Kandy's cuteness/freshness to the scene, mixed with Leah's sexual passion (high sex IQ) is mind blowing.

Cost $550 for the hour.
Repeat. Definitely.
Recommend. Only if you love fully interactive duos.

Both girls only work part time so can be difficult to get an appointment. If they are working you can find their ad on cl 8269, so stop PMing, unless it's to inform me of a fresh piece of pussy.

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TOFTT: Natasa CL ending 0116 - Little Rock Escorts

Advertises on CL:
150/hr..100/hh.. **BB8J, Ms0g, 9reek, c.1.m, swa11ow, da+y ** - w4m - 19 (Little Rock)

I've been out of the loop for several years but recently felt the urge, damn you Perbers for the enticing reviews. However, all the years I've been pooning must be the worst experience ever!

Called up the above-noted as it appeared she offered a complete menu, confirmed that she offers bbbj and greek (extra $). Headed out there for a hh session. Pics are accurate, however she is taller than 5'7" as indicated in her ad, I believe she said 5'10" if I am not mistaken; native-spanish-? mix. When offering the donation I mentioned the extra for greek, she said sorry I no longer offer greek. WTF?! I inquired about it not more than 30 mins. ago. :(
Her enthusiasm was lackluster (and that is an understatement). She kept on saying she was tired, had four clients already and wanted to get to bed. At that point, my compass pointed south. She attempted to revive it with a hard handjob, made it worse. Throughout the session, she kept on letting out a sigh. I suggested perhaps some seductive posing but she claimed not to understand and looked very annoyed. I then decided to help myself to some touching of her breasts and ass, she stood there like a mannequin staring into space.

Long story short, after some handwork and cbj, there was enough to attempt mish. I closed my eyes and went at a piece of log until I finished.

L: 8 (pics are accurate)
S: 3
A: 2 (perhaps why the donation was only $.00)

Repeat: NO

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review-bobby cl-8703 - Fort Smith Escorts

to find the ad search keyword "session" on cl and ad says just arrived
bobby ....
Incall at 12xx Alberni

condo clean, new and fresh. first impression happy,happy,happy. cute little
spinner. I thought if service is good, i scored big time.

started with short chit chat. Her english is limited. We both stripped for dual shower.
first a shot of mouthwash, into shower. Good scrubbing and no action in shower. I dont care for it but i am sure it would be available.

Onto the clean fresh bed but not before she grabs the oil she has been trickling hot water onto in the bathroom. Starts with a good masssage with lots of warm oil from the shoulder right down my back, ass and to the nuggets. Starts with a nice boob body slide
and moves into a decent massage and then onto a super rimming session. First time for a hot young girl rim job.

did the flip. she mouthwased again. started with a little massage, nipple suck, a very good bbbj and swung over for a very tasty 69 session. Trimmed pussy which was fine.
nice and sweet. I guess while she is blowing me she slipped on a condom. i didnt even notice. her suction was good enough that i didnt notice. she slides right from 69 into
RCG and then swithed to CG with lots of DFK. She is a great kisser. Sticks her tongue
right down your throat. Finished in Mish. Didnt ask for CIM or COF. I kind of let her lead
the session and sat back and enjoyed


price 160pussylicks

repeat: Yes, probably will bring a ring next time and propose

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Some recent reviews - West Memphis Escorts

Here are some of my recent reviews:
Bianca Fox. Photographs looked good. Fixed an appointment at Den. Reached in time. She was late. Kept waiting. suddenly saw a hot busty tall woman in bikini. Thought that was Bianca but that was not the case. This hot woman was Calli!! After a while Bianca comes in. Good figure but face is quite ordinary. Just barges in the room wearing panties with come and fuck attitude. That was a bit of turndown. Even though she did things to excite me but I had to keep thinking of Calli to get a turn on. Sex was good, DFK, covered BJ. She has great control over her pubic muscles to squeeze and drain you!! I would rate her 6, 6,6!! I will see Calli next time.
Stephene at BBC. I have already described her as my recent favorite. Tall white girl. Seen her twice already. We have great chemistry going on. I guess it is a case of YMMV. May see her again if do not get other good girls.
Sam " Slurpy BBJ" She advertises in CL some times and also in Province of all the places. Photograph is certainly old. Contact only through SMS. Attitude is business like but friendly. Met me wearing just ordinary jeans and shirt. Some how these girls do not sem to have erotic sense. I would rate her as 6, 6, 7 in service.

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Amazing Kiana Fox!! - Little Rock Escorts

Hello Fellow Perbers!

I know I haven’t written a review in a long time…despite throwing my 2 cents every so often; essentially becoming more of a lurker than a contributor. BUT now I am going to give you all a heads up on what I think is a REAL & RARE GEM! I have actually been sort of odds with myself about writing this review, mostly for selfish reasons lol! Despite of having hardly written anything about her, this girl seems to be very popular with the gents…on several occasions I have had difficulty booking her because her time slots fill up so fast.

The SP in question is of course KIANA FOX of Carman Fox & Friends. It all started when the “LF Vietnamese provider” thread came up on this board this past summer. Without having ever met her, I suggested KIANA to the guy; seeing how she is part Vietnamese & Korean. Then taking a longer look at her incredible pictures on the CF site, my curiosity got to me…so I took my own advice and went to check her out myself lol!

The initial encounter with KIANA FOX was amazing & mind-blowing! I have been back 5 times more since! If you are looking for a girl who is exotic, simply stunning, passionate, smart, classy & has a crazy sense of humor; KIANA FOX is for you. Make no mistake, KIANA FOX is a woman; not some innocent or slutty sex-fiend. CF’s site states that she is 26 & I would say this is very accurate. She is between 5’2 – 5’3 & 98lbs; definitely 34DD with a perfect 23 inch waist & 34 hips. She tells me she enjoys hot yoga & aerobics and it shows... she has a frickkin hot tanned body & fairly toned stomach with a grrreat ass! If you’re a fan of bolt-ons, she has the best pair of Double Ds I have ever laid my hands on; squeezable & very responsive! The kitty is equally yummy…completely shaven, beautiful to stare at & sweet tasting! DFK, DATY/69, MSOG & BBBJ (yes my boys, it’s available!!... but only if you’re clean & trimmed) are available on the menu; also the BEST accompanied shower (must insist)! She seems to thoroughly enjoy grinding CG & pounding doggy. But as in every case YMMV. As I said, I have enjoyed my many encounters with KIANA FOX …so if you’re truly interested in an unforgettable –mind blowing GFE experience with her then I suggest: Be very physically clean lol!!! Its’a turn on for her!

She’s sophisticated so be a gentleman & treat her well. She loves to laugh & enjoys her job a lot (she calls it as her “play time”)… so if you’ve got game, you should bring it!

$$$.2 for an hour

Repeat- Of course…going soon on my 6 visit! :D
Recommend- Hell Yeah! You can thank me later!

Good luck Gentlemen!

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Rev: Audrey Bitoni - Texarkana Escorts

I was in Los Angeles last week got the urge to see a porn star, even though this isn't a Texarkana review Ill put it up, Ive seen Kianna Dior before, so I wanted to try Audrey Bitoni who is really sexy. I booked a room @ the Marriott near Burbank Airport, I used bodymiracle to book the appointment, Audrey met me at my room, all I can say is that she was worth every penny, we starred making out right away, started to grab her big tits sucking them and then ripped of her skirt and started to lick her beautifuly pussy, she tastes very good, she turned around and put me on the chair and gave me an incredible BBBJ spiiting and slurping away I had her do this for 6-7 mins she then got the wrapper and went at it in many positions including doggie and mish, I was able and she was willing to drop loads in her face was amazing, after we were done we chatted for a bit as she is very nice and friendly, we then started again as we took a shower together and game me a BBBJ in the shower which was amazing again. Now the rate was $1,800 which is expensive but it was worth it as I had an amazing time definitly worth it!.

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Mya at YVR - toftt - Fayetteville Escorts

Went to see Mya tonight. Had read about her pics possibly not being accurate. Looking at the pics though, it seemed worth trying.

Get to the place Dwntwn, and sure enough, it's her. The pics are accurate, no question. She's gorgeous. Tiny, and cute as a button. No more than 20 yrs old. Long and lean. She has unbelievably sexy legs, and probably the best ass I've ever massaged. Great little b-cup titties, with delicious tiny nipples. Superlative tanned skin, flawless really. She has a great smile when she wants to and mischievous little look in her eye when she chooses to use it. She's picture perfect. And that's the problem; that's where it falls apart.

She's better in pictures, not in looks, but in attitude. She nice enough, but no sex appeal whatsoever. Stiff as a board. She was advertised as an open minded GFE, but she couldn't have been further. Tight lipped, brief kissing only, no digits, no daty, no play, no flirting. She was actually watching the clock while absentmindedly sucking my cock, with a bored look on her face. No eye contact, no noise; all mechanical..., dull. She only uses her hands to fix her hair. Total turn off. If she couldn't be into at all, I wasn't either. I tried various ways of heating it up , but nothing would release the stick up her butt (which I wouldn't have minded being mine, but there was nothing there.) It woulda been better in pictures.

Maybe it was just a chemistry thing, but in my experience, I doubt it. Girls usually melt with me. So YMMV.

if you're an ass man with money to spare...

L - 9.5 (face and body, truly)
A - 4 (rush, rush, rush, rush)
S - 2 (she was barely there)

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Apple on CL:WOT - Bentonville Escorts

had a little of fun with Kayli from Vic2Van while in Vic, but it was a short one because of some miscommunication between her and Harvi so instead of 45min had to resort to 1/2hr, but it was fun. So back to the mainland and decided to try out a new lady.

Saw an ad for Apple on CL.

Called up and her booking lady answers and said the donation is $$ for everything, so to clarify that, I asked does that include LFK, DFK, BBBJ, MASSAGE, GREEK. The answer is yes and so I setup the appt to a location in in Bentonville close to in Bentonville center. Got there and got buzzed in, okay she is not the girl on the photo (that figures) and she's not 22 as I asked twice over the phone to confirm her age (she's more like early 30's), and she's not 105lbs (more like 120lbs), and she's nothing more special then those asian ladies at other micros charing $.2/45min.

I smelled something fishy even without having to get near her, so I asked what does the donation of $$ includes, she replied, " CBJ, MASSAGE, FS". And no LFK, DFK, GREEK or BBBJ. If wanted BBBJ must be exra $. So in total $$$, called back the booking girl and told me there was some misunderstanding because that's what Apple's pimp told her.

Now here's the fun part, while I was asking away, Apple got a call from a chinese client inquiring and Apple told this guy in Chinese that her donation is $.4 for f/s etc... (Oh yeah, I told Apple my Chinese is very bad when I arrived, I said that because I smelled something fishy in the beginning already but little does she know..). Than she invited me to sit down on the chair while she calls her pimp to clarifies and complaint to her pimp that I was sitting down in her place not moving or doing anything in Chinese. FOR F%@* SAKES, if she was a guy I probably deck her in the teeth for causing all the BS (she was the one who invited me and told me to sit down on that stupid stool). STRIKE 3, I said sorry... and I headed to the door and let myself out.

She's nothing special, just trying one of those fast rip off move and upsell. Complete a wasted of my time and gas, probably had more fun jerking off to a mannequin outside in Bentonville center, but regardless I am sure glad I didnt get suckered into $$ or $$$.

L 5.5 up to a 6.0
S 0.0 (BS BS....)
A 0.0 (greeted at the door with a 7.0 but 8 minutes later it went down to 0.0)

HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED... save your bucks...

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jap/korean girls as to why they do it - Bentonville Escorts

some of my co workers whne they are not busy go to craiglist and erotic service and you see korean /jap girls selling their services for an amount of money

i wonder why the jap and korean girls come here and do it. i mean isn;t japan for sure and korea a first rate world country, i mean arenl;t they rich if they come here and why do they do it. for money or they just into fast easy quick money. all of the girls on the site are hot too.
do you guys ever ask why they do what they do.
i don;t think the jap/korean girls who come here from overseas are on drugs or are they. are they doing it b/c they are hungry and have to live or is it jsut to pay for schooling.
i mean tehy are that desperate just to go to school they will sell their bods
i mean how do they get into those kind of businesses anyways. is it like the get recruited by guys that hang oout at malls, schools....etc o r do they just join since they are too lazy to work the 8 hr job at food court or retail since they have no other skill

do you guys bnow of any girls who do this kind of thing and w hy do they do it.
i heard some of t hem do it jsut so they can pay for school , since studying aboard is so $$. i mean would you really do t hat just to pay for school

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Toftt: Gorgeous japanese midori cl 3851 - North Little Rock Escorts

Long time lurker, first time poster...

Went to new girl Midori's DT apt at broughton/pender yesterday. Ample parking, new building. Greeted by a pretty young girl that indeed looks like 22 and 5'-3". Definitely a spinner; in fact, a bit underweight IMO. Smooth, white skin (and thus the CL photo which shows tanned skin may not be hers). Boobs are C-cup but felt a bit hard so could be bolted-on. Anyways, there's accompanied shower with some teasing before and after the deed. Onto bed, there's some teasing massage which includes grinding my feet against her boobs. This is followed by a short BLS/BBBJ, and then several positions to finish.

Overall, girl aims to please & carries a smile throughout, which makes up for her slight lack of skills (ya that includes BJ skills). There's another girl working at same unit, but Midori doesn't know her name. Perhaps some of you would know. Oh, Midori is likely NOT japanese.


L: 7
A: 8
S: 6

Repeat: Worth a try, but won't repeat :)

Hello my name is Midori 22 years old 5'3" 109 lbs 34C-24-35 and I am looking for a gentlemen to have a good time with.
I am very pretty and beautiful smooth silky skin very erotic sexy classy....and most importantly I have a great personality to math It! I enjoy what I do I enjoy pleasing a man and making him feel like a men should feel.

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Review Maxim visiting GOE - Texarkana Escorts

Maxim is visiting from Argentina via GOE. I saw the generous $180 special they were offering and liked her pix so I jumped on it (and her). Glad I did.

She is waaaaaaay hotter than her pix imho. Her hair is auburn and her skin is nice and tanned (which I prefer) and not the alabaster red head in her ad. Amazing ass, but didn't get to taste (wtf?) GFE, cbj, DATY, msog, very good English. It says ymmv, but she was easily one of the most GFE ladies I've had. Killer body, wow. Not PSE really and with an ass like hers I still can't believe I didn't have her face down in the pillows. Lucious full lips that kiss really well, nice tongue. CG with DFK was awesome and she was great at dirty talk. Hot and bothered more than fake scripted porn movie. She's def not kinky, didn't let me do doggie (again wtf?) but got off lazy dog and painted her tanned brown back white. Honestly came DATY as she frigged herself as I ate away. Was very gentle with digit (as in singular) as she neared O. Not a clock watcher at all and really fun. At this price point she's easily one of the best deals going.

I'd run not walk.

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REVIEW : Nina Leone 100% GFE Hot Springs BC

I wanted to get back here and post this review before I forgot but also wanted to give it some time to settle in and make my review that much better.

This was a first time experience for me so I was really nervous, Nina helped a great deal my talking to me over email several times and answering my many questions on what was ok and not ok.

The big day finally came and well almost did not happen from chickening out... been burned a few times by hookers, I finally decided that I really wanted to do this and went over to her apartment it was nice and clean and very professional. Nina even has her own massage table though I did not take advantage of it. Nina met me at the door wearing a beautiful corset nice and tight and pushing her beautiful large breasts up I was hooked at the door then came the first kiss to know I was about to experience a totally different experience.

Nina showed me around the apartment and showed me all of her incredible toys there is something here for almost any taste and I can not wait to get to know most of them over the next few years lol.. Like I said I was nervous as hell so started by sitting on her love seat with her just touching and kissing until things got heated up. Nina's incredibly beautiful tits came out and the panties came off and I found myself on her bed with my tongue exploring her pussy and my (covered) fingers deep inside her pussy. Her squirting orgasm went all over my face and I kept licking as she shuddered under me. Then it was my turn I have had many good BJ in my life but nothing like this It was like she was hungry for as much of me as she could take in her mouth including my balls it was heavenly but I did not want to explode here as one of the things I had chosen Nina for is that she not only allows Greek but loves it. She has a chair that is in the perfect position to give great greek from behind. Nina does not do CIM but she took me her mouth and brought me to a wonderful explosive orgasm on her face and tits. We had a wonderful shower together to clean up and that to was fantastic we talked a bit more about future fantasy nights and she showed me more toys and fun things she could do.... all I can say boys is WOW well worth every dollar.

Thanks Nina can not wait to play with your toys :D

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Jay and Alix Turner Review - West Memphis Escorts

Well hadn't done FS for awhile and has had my eye for quite some time so I went to visit her awhile ago.

Nice smile greeted me at the door of her East Van place but later she mentioned she might move to an apartment because it would be more discreet. I wasn't knocked out by her looks or anything, a little plain for my taste, not as sophisticated as some of her website pix would suggest, I guess I should have asked her specifically for the sophisticated look for her apparel choice if she takes requests like that I don't know.

She didn't waste much time on small talk and led me to her bedroom like a horny girlfriend who'd been away for a month. Lots of kissing and clothing removal by the side of the bed and it was her sexuality that got me going, although in retrospect it was a bit too fast for my taste, funny it's usually the girl who needs warming up, well I didn't really need it, it's just that her desire is so quickly and clearly out there and demands your immediate attention.

She gets hot and steamy and things just roll along pretty quick, nice sloppy bbbj but pretty quick, nice kissing but pretty quick, cowgirl position was hot especially with the mirror and full frontal view both and she manually pleasured herself while finding the right position, I could imagine her with jeans and cowboy boots and hat, leading that horse from a trot to a canter to a full gallop.

She has a very nice ass in my opinion and so doggie was a pleasure, plus the mirror thing, oh yes, then over to missionary for the ultimate conclusion. Wasn't til after I realized I hadn't gone down to the Y, either manually or orally, the situation just never really came about, she mostly led the way and pace and didn't take us there so I don't even know if it's offered. I assume so for the $$$/hour donationrate.

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Tabitha from CL the Absolute Slutlol - Springdale Escorts



Here it goes.

I went and saw her last night for the hr....The moment she opened the door i said WOW....This is the first experiense i had through craigslist that actually went very well.

The incall location is off Denman very nice apartmnet clean and furnished well. She asked me if i like a drink and i declined since i was ready to

We chatted for about 5 min asking each other what we like etc. Guys i must tell you she loves...lovessssss ANAL and she shows that well...I think in terms of Greek she is right up there with Jessikaxx...She started with a BBBJ and that was fantastic.....than she asked me show couple huge dildos in her ass...

They were so big i was a bit scared at first but once i started playing i realized that her hole is so stretched that ass can take anything.....after about 10 mintues playing and sucking i was ready to pump that ass...I started first fucking her pussy in a variaty of positions....mission...doggy cow...than she asked me if i like to fuck her ass and i said off course...she turned around lubed it up got into doggy position and i entered her slowly.

Finally i exploded on her face...

In short...great value for your buck... Off course she is a bit on the heavier side...Absolutly not fat but she has her meat on the right spots.:)

Looks- 7

p.s. she well worth it guys if you are into ANAL you wont regret seeing her...She did state that she may leave town for good. Therefore i suggest you see her before she is gone.

Cheers and have fun

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Tegan Teese - Texarkana Escorts

I was reading this site and I came across Tegan's post and pictures. I gave her a callI and arranged a meeting one hour later. It was Sunday and I assume sps are less busy.

I was hesitant to post this but you got to give credit where credit is due. Tegan looked better than her photos. Actually much better than her photos. One thing that really impressed me was the details. Holding my hand and walking me in, turning on the shower and adjusting the water, then bringing me a cold glass of ice water. We settled up on the donation which was 120 for lip service. I took the lip service because I just wanted to test the waters first. She gave me a little lap dance and then a cbj. Her bj skills were really impressive, eye contact, a good mix of speed and she kept going much longer than I thought she would.

In the end, I had a great time. I asked for a kiss before I left and it left a memorable impression with me.

I called back later that night to arrange an another appointment. YMMV
Thanks Tegan

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Faith Renewed, and Damn does she suck a Good Cock - Misty - Texarkana Escorts

For starters I saw Misty back in Mid-Jan. And to be honest I don't know if it was chemistry, or either myself or her wer having a bad day, I was not at all pleased with the session. It was partially my fault for booking an hour and just before arriving I got called into work so I had to shorten the session to a half hour. After a shower and donations Misty started to perform her BBBJ, and to my dismay I wasn't into it and I felt she wasn't either, end of story I never finished and walked out and returned to work bitter.

To prevent being considered some slob trying to ruin a highly reviewed providers reputation I decided not to post my disappointment. And after reading even more positive reviews of her I decided it was time to give her another chance (more like her giving me one).


After a few texts back and forth with Misty (I know alot of SPs do not allow texting, but with my work and homelife situation, texting is very conveinent for me) I arrived at Mistys townhouse shortly after midnight. After settling the donation we both got comfortable and sprawled on the bed. Some light conversation and catching up, Misty asked me if I liked her new D&G glasses which i must admit look great on her, and somehow the conversation of body porportion came up and I had to whine that I felt I was screwed over porportionatly, Misty quickly gave me the its the how you use it line, and i promptly corrected her that I was talking about my hands... 6'4 290lbs and fairly solid you would think i would have some mits on me LOL.

But enough of the jokes of the night. After recovering restrictions, Misty promptly started into her award winning BBBJ and I could tell already this time was going to be better. She told me to let her know when I was ready to cum and I obliged, however no where near ready. After some great BBBJ and BLS we moved to Mish. I have been over training at the gym lately so really Mish was a position I did not want to be in. So after 10 min of that exhausted from muscle fatigue and cramping I flipped on my back. Misty rips the cover off and returns to her sloppy pornstyle BBBJ. About 10 mins of that and i can feel myself about to finish. Misty starts pumping the crankshaft at record speed with lots of saliva for a great HJ finish. I warned misty that I was about to cum.
Now at this point I have to point out I don't know if COF is on her menu, but in my defense her hands were on my cock so really she was aiming the damn thing. But I finished a load that really and I mean REALLY impressed me, all i can say is those brand spanking new D&G glasses made great safety goggles, not to mention the mess everywhere else

Anyways its late, Im spent thanks to Misty,
all I can say is thanks for restoring my faith and im sure ill see you soon!

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Review - MEGUMI from CL - Hot Springs Escorts

Hooked up with M.E.G.U.M.I. from CL. Overall, very nice looking Japanese girl...and yes, a real Japanese girl answered the door. Her picture on CL is real, but I would definately say, she looks better in person. Not sure why she uses that photo.

On to the bedroom, where money is expected up front and counted in front of you...which doesn't bother me, but seemed kind of ...well, ...businesslike...

Anyhoo, it's $.6 for 45 mintues. So off to the showers we went, and M.E.G.U.M.I. was very mechanical in the shower, using lots of soap and overly hot water...She doesn't like kissing and wasn't into giving a BBBJ in the shower. I think she was kind of tired or not in the best mood, but tried to be pleasing.

Back to the bedroom where I received a massage and motioned for her to get on with it, since 45 mintues isn't much time IMO. She gives a really nice and deep BBBJ with tongue swirls. Little to no teeth are felt, and I would be very happy to explode into her mouth but held back! Next, she covered my condom cock and oiled up her snatch then mounted my veiny penis. She looks very hot on top, but doesnt seem into going up and down much. I flipped her over and went crazy on top, her moaning and tight pussy was too much... and after an additional 10 minutes on top, I exploded into her!!! I was somewhat choked I didn't get to dog her, since her ass is like a Japanese JLO.

L - 8.25 - beautiful Japanese face, nice skin, JLO ass, toned body, young @21, tight pussy, but could trim her bush a bit or shave it entirely
A - 7 - seemed kind of distant but overall pleasant to be with
S - 7 - Mechanical - reminded me of Korean services

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